The ward-room is immense. The 65cm deep and soft sofas can comfortably accommodate 8 people around a 85cmX150cm table. Feeling of spaciousness is incredible, 20sqm in a single room are many. The low windows on the sea allow those who are sitting or those who work in the kitchen a wonderful view of outside. How to be in direct contact with the surface of the sea.

The passages are real habitable spaces where people move easily and without getting in the way.

The well-equipped kitchen allows more people to work simultaneously without discomfort. The worktop measures over 3m and has a depth of over 70cm, a comfortable working base.

Two fridges, 0 °C  and  -18 °C, ensure large stocks of fresh food.

Chart table includes navigation equipment and the possibility of conducting the boat from inside. It is equipped with a comfortable seat and large cabinets, independent stereo system, safe.
The ward-room is equipped with air conditioning.
The on-board stereo system and the radio transmit in ward-room and in cockpit. Each cabin has its own independent stereo system. Music is everywhere for those who want it.
Every comfort that can be requested will be found on board with us.

Owner cabin 

It is equipped with a large double bed, a large sofa that can become comfortable berth. The cabin is equipped with large wardrobes and drawers, independent heating system, air conditioning, independent stereo system.

Owner bathroom

The private bathroom, very spacious, is equipped with a sink, a WC with an electric pump and a large separate 1,5mX1,5m shower, as well as various wardrobes.

Aft double cabin

It is equipped with a large bed, double wardrobe, sofa, space on the ground for two people. Independent stereo system, central heating.

Aft cabin  from 1 to 3 places

The cabin is equipped with a single berth, the berth can become a double; overlapped there is a third reduced bunk. The cabin can accommodate three people, is equipped with double wardrobe, sofa and plenty of space on the ground, central heating.

Guest bathroom

The bathroom, equipped with a sink with mirror and a WC with manual control, offers the possibility of taking a shower, (normally all use bow shower, very comfortable and with a seat); it contains large lockers and the dripping tank for oilskins.

On board you will find everything you never thought of finding on a sailing ship!

Come and find out!


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