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LUAR 040

First of all, a bit of history.

This boat was born for the will of Antonio Gades, famous Spanish flamenco dancer.

It was his refuge, his passion, with her disappeared for months and very little tell the chronicles of LUAR 040.

Antonio Gades

The name of the boat is RAUL written in reverse and 040 is the identifier number of Abelardo Colomè Ibarra, one of the leader of the guerrilla army led by Fidel Castro, who dumped dictator Batista in 1959.


Sailing on this Garcia ‘54 is like living in a piece of contemporary history.

La statua di Antonio Gades a l'Havana

He crossed the Atlantic from Spain to Cuba where he went to meet Fidel Castro and Raul Castro, his great friends.


On this boat for years they have been sailing these great characters, their energy is still on board to keep us company every moment of navigation.

We will go to Cuba to meet Raul and to sail again and with him on his boat.


Antonio Gades ashes were laid by Raul's hands

in the cemetery of the revolution heroes.

Antonio Gades al sestante sul LUAR 040
Antonio Gades e l'equipaggio del LUAR 040
Antonio Gades al timone del LUAR 040 con la maglia logata
Antonio Gades sulla poppa del LUAR 040
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