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mappa della regione Guna Yala a cui appartiene San Blas

In route to San Blas ...


Luar 040 leaves to San Blas
During the summer we traveled 2.500 miles in the Mediterranean Sea to test Luar 040. An exciting sailing that gave us the opportunity to understand the fantastic potential of the Garcia Passoa 54 ', an integral aluminum deriveur ready for sailing even in extreme areas.
Now Luar 040 is in shipyard for the preparation for the trip. It will be ready at the end of October to bring us safely around the world.
As promised we confirm the departure dates for San Blas and the stages of the journey of Luar 040.

Tabella con le tappe del viaggio per San Blas

Along the way we left a few days free for a walk on the ground or a recovery of forced stops due to the weather.
The dates are approximate, they are well manageable if the weather will be favorable and the mistral will not give us a week at 40 knots and from Gibraltar to Canary Islands the Ocean will be clement.
From the Canaries down it's all quieter, at least hopefully! We calculated low travel averages, always for safety. If we find a long haul we will lose some time, we should stay in the calendar anyway. Otherwise we will arrive in advance ...
The arrival in Martinica is scheduled for December 23rd. We will stay a few days in the area south of Caribbean.
Christmas in the Grenadines is a great thing, we reintegrate the energies and then we leave again for San Blas.
When we arrive in San Blas we will explore

the archipelago and we will make a new program.
We wait for you on board, give us your membership!

El Porvenir - San Blas - Panama
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