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LUAR 040 is a GARCIA 54' MALIBU, construction in marine aluminum with total retractable mobile drift, double rudder, retractable triplex propeller and protected by skeg, sailing yacht capable of beaching and remaining dry in balance with the tidal wave, suitable for sailing in the ice. Windproof hatch, skylights and sleeves.

Modello in scala del LUAR 040, di Lázaro Eduardo García Driggs, modellista ufficiale della città di Havana

The reasons for choosing an integral deriveur


First of all, safety

One of the first causes of accidents in navigation is the grounding. A sail that walks at 10 knots and meets the back of a whale or a semi-submerged container can be damaged. The mobile drift at the time of the collision "rips" the safety, enters the belly of the boat and the bottom, 10mm of aluminum structured and designed for this purpose, allows the boat to "slip" over the obstacle.

Conclusion: no damage for boat and crew.

LUAR 040 - deriva integrale
In cantiere per la manutenzione stagionale

When we go, we do not always find hospitable harbours, or maybe we do not want them. The 125cm draft and the flat keel allow you to enter the ridges, go up a river, go to the beach and descend to the ground without tender.


With the ugly sea we can take refuge anywhere, maybe behind a cliff or in fishing harbours where no one else can enter! We draft as much a small fishing boat.

chiglia piatta
LUAR 040: all'ancora in un ridosso da sogno
LUAR 040: all'ancora in un ridosso dai bassi fondali

If we navigate to the poles, the boat is not afraid of pack ice or icebergs, it was born for them.

If we are to enter the pass of an atoll we do not have to wait for the high tide, we go, point.

Two aft and bow crashboxes ensure safety even on extreme impacts and broken rudder axles.

LUAR 040: in navigazione tra i ghiacci

The hatch and every deck opening are hermetic (remember to close them!)

Few boats offer these guarantees.

LUAR 040: l'ampio pozzetto
LUAR 040: il tambuccio a tenuta stagna


In the ocean, it mainly navigates with reaching sail. The "deriveur" do not love close-hauled sail, as opposed to the high wave pushing to the stern and the reaching wind is possible to pick up the drift. This allows you to not undertake the effect of the sea on the fin keel, which forces the helmsman to continue corrections. The wave "slips" under the belly of the boat and the boat becomes sweet. It does not tear, does not luff and run away. Who knows, call this "surfing in slippers!"

In addition to this fact of convenience, encountering a violent sea, the boat "floats" on the ridge and recess of the waves. This is also part of security.

LUAR 040: in navigazione a vele spiegate
LUAR 040: in navigazione sotto jennaker
LUAR 040: in navigazione di bolina
LUAR 040: in navigazione sotto spinnaker



Sailing on an "integral deriveur" offers sensations and possibilities other than those offered by a fixed keelboat. The great extreme navigators, Jimmy Cornell (Garcia 45), Philippe Poupon, (Meta) and in general the extreme navigators, sail on such boats.

Get on board with us!

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