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Il nostro giro del mondo: dal sogno al progetto

The dream ... the project


We are two, the skipper and the second officer on board.
Now the children are adults ... and we can realize the dream of a lifetime: to sail free from space and time.
There are men who do not know the calendar or the registry office. It is not said that they are better or worse or happier or less happy than us Westerners. They simply have a different perception of life, given by different experiences and possibilities.
Sailing we will go to meet new worlds, different values.
The ocean will be our way, the sailboat our home.
The soul will fly, like the sails: it will only need a little wind.
We will make a long journey of exploration, traveling along the less traveled routes, we will stop in bays and unexplored ports in search of an ancient world that modern civilization is destroying. We will explore the places where modernity has not yet arrived, we will seek relationships with men, we will live their civilization.

If you get on board with us we will welcome you with joy.

We provide a sturdy sailing boat equipped for every adventure and a skipper with great sailing experience; scuba diving or simple snorkeling in virgin seas, healthy rest in pristine beaches.

We will sail in the tropical seas, among coral reefs and pristine islands, and in the cold seas between enchanting glaciers.
We will follow the calm sea of the San Blas and the hard passes of the North West and Cape Horn.

Our exploration dinghy is ready for anything!

Wherever there will be sea we will go. We are not in a hurry, the winds and the seasons will be our vital spirit.

Dante says: “nati non foste per viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza”.

Lorenzo il Magnifico says ... ”chi vuol esser lieto sia: di doman non c’è certezza”!

We listen to everyone and sail. Those who want to get on board will be welcome.

We will not do "charter"
a sturdy sailing boat
Our exploration dinghy
Dal Mediterraneo a Capo verde

Where we are, where we will be

From the day we set off and sail two core aspects of modern life will cease to exist, time and space.

So, if you want to come aboard and sail with us, find a plane ticket to reach us and if you're close enough we'll come and pick you up in the closest port !
If you like one place or the other, it will not matter, we'll chose to sail where the heart takes us.

The adventure starts from Cesenatico by end of June 2017.

 In June we'll start navigating along the Croatian coast, Zara, Split and Dubrovnik, sailing south.

We'll stop in Montenegro, Herceg Novi to supply up diesel.

We'll cross the Adriatic to reach Gargano, where we will enjoy a few days , then onwards navigating Puglia's coast to reach Leuca.

Then navigating Sicily, with the Eolie, the Egadi, Pantelleria, Linosa then Egadi again, Ustica and then onwards to Tuscany, where by the end of August Luar will stop for the last preparations for the Great Voyage.

In November we will sail from Tuscany towards Gibraltar, passing by Sardinia, on to the Baleari, from then Malaga to the doors of the Atlantic Ocean to then stop a few days at the Canary Islands.

From Las Palmas to Cape Verde there are a thousand nautical miles, once there we will rest a few days, exploring the arcipelago in search of it's dream like bays.

We will then set sail for the Barbados, assited by a pure Aliseo of NE through the Atlantic Ocean.

qualcuno interessato
San Blas nel Mar dei Caraibi
Luar riesce ad entrare

Between Christmas and New Year Eve we'll reach the Grenadine.
Welcome who wishes to sail in open sea.
From Grenada to the peace of San Blas we have one thousand two hundred miles to sail.Passing by Los Roques, Curacao, Aruba and then … San Blas, one of the last untouched paradise  not yet bent by consumism. A beautiful rest before the Caribbean Islands.

From San Blas onwards the adventure is a trip to New York and on to polar landscapes.

We'll go to Cuba to say hello to Raul Castro, in Florida to say hello to Patty and Mark, and then … who knows ...

Il nostro passaggio a Nord Ovest
to Cuba to say hello to Raul Castro

... we would like to go up north to the North-West crossing to enter Bering in the Pacific Ocean. It will be in a while 'time, hard to say how long.
The Pacific is a great ocean to travel among many islets and atolls and corals and continents ... From Bering to Kure and then slowly southwards to Antarctica, to Cape Horn on routes still to be considered, to be checked on the basis of the seasons and dominant winds.
There are no limits to trip. The sea will take us wherever we want and everywhere we will meet new friends and people of sea and land.
We would like to go north again to see the Arctic on the side of Siberia, as it is preparing to make Nanni Acquarone. But all this is written in the books of dreams and fantasy.

As Bruno Fazzini says, who has many years of sea
and miles more, "the important thing is to leave".

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