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When you meet a Kuna

the Kuna always greets you.

He always tells you his name.

He asks you yours and

he will always remember your name.

He offers you his services.

Sometimes he asks for a little help.

A fisherman for hours under the sun on his pirogue

swaps willingly a few dollars of fish

with a cold beer.

Actually he’ll give you a discount, so he pays it.

Unless asking for a discount on a purchase is an obvious fact.

You can’t do it at Coop, and they are "comrades".

When a Kuna leaves, he always greets you.

Even if you did not buy anything

he adds "thank you amigo!"


Frequently he calls you "Hermano".

I want to be Kuna.

Having the dignity, of a Kuna.

Having the inside smile, of a Kuna.

In Orosidup I earned my name Kuna:

I became "two beers".


And don’t ask me why.

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